• Image of The Administrator

Beneath the grand rooms of Falcon Hall lies an estimated 15 miles of tunnels, corridors and crypts, housing accounts, paperwork, historical records and the largest collection of wines in England.

An army of shadowy figures pace around the corridors and rooms keeping paperwork in order and, when required, locating the perfect bottle of Vacqueyras as requested by The Admirable Crichton during the many sumptuous dinner parties above ground. The figures, known as Administrators (model SH-R1-K3), make their way through unlighted corridors by the light of their illuminated eyes.

Administrators are rarely seen so their appearance is somewhat less polished than the staff in the main house. When spotted, adult visitors to Falcon Hall are often, misguidedly, fearful of the austere, slightly intimidating stature. No so the children. Many Administrators are kindly with a sense of humour, happily allowing the young Duke and his friends to play tunes on their xylophone like ribs.

Original resin cast figure, approximately 5" tall in blue or yellow colour variations, 4 of each colour. £25 each

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