• Image of Mechanical Gargoyle

Guarding the parapets of Falcon Hall stand the intimidating figures of the Mechanical Gargoyles. Designed by a team of security Administrators deep in the bowels of the great house these robotic protectors watch from each corner of the high walls and towers. Each Gargoyle takes an animal prized for it's ability to protect it's community, and combines it with the latest robotic technology.

It is believed these anthropomorphic androids can function indefinitely, with their ability to solar charge their batteries with their outstretched wings. Potentially they could protect Falcon Hall way into the future, regardless of what mess the human race makes of this world.

Based on Wise Monkey base by Joseph Byham, customised with Apoxie Sculpt and painted with acrylics. Approximately 3" tall each. £45 each

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